Do this when you first draw a service blueprint

Creating a service blueprint could be overwhelming. Here are some tips.

Q. When writing a service blueprint for the first time, I don't know where to start. What should I do? 

A. It is helpful to draw a customer journey map first.

Some tips:

  1. Still don't know what to draw? This problem might come from the lack of prior user research. This is the time to find out more about your users.
  2. Draw a timeline of the entire journey once. When you find something you don't know, proceed with additional research.
  3. Write the timeline of the itinerary again.  Create a Blueprint by separating rows and columns.

The timeline of this journey can be created as a customer journey map, which is the entire process of the service blueprint. While experts can draw service blueprints even if they do not write all of these processes accurately, but for beginners, it is necessary to draw a customer journey map perfectly so that there is no confusion in writing the service blueprint.

Therefore, in order for beginners to easily draw blueprints, the results of each method such as persona, customer journey map, and system map that have been previously conducted must be completed with perfection. The connection of these methodologies is very important, and with any preliminary research, a service blueprint can be created. It is important to increase your understanding of these sequential methodologies in order to produce unobtrusive and unobtrusive results.