In 2010, Dongseo University pioneered service design education for the first time in Korea and has been carrying out and developing various projects and educational models in service design. In 2020, the “Service Design-Based Social Innovation Education Research Team” was selected by the Korea National Research Foundation (NRF) as the only recipient of the Brain Korea 21 (BK21) government scholarship program with the theme of 'Service Design'. The program aims to nurture high-quality talent in related research fields.

Benefits for graduate students participating in BK21

  • Research scholarship of 1,000,000 KRW for Master students, and 1,600,000 KRW for Ph.D. students.
  • Incentives for outstanding students
  • Support for domestic and international journals, academic presentation expenses, and publication materials.
  • Opportunity to take part in industry-academia projects under the guidance of participating professors.
  • Opportunity to participate in global educational programs, such as overseas research programs.
  • Support for seminar participation through research group activities.

Graduation Requirements

Master Students

  • Two domestic or international conference proceedings papers.
  • One international Journal Publication (SCOPUS) or
    two domestic Journal Publications (Korea Citation Index - KCI).
  • Graduation thesis and Coursework.

Ph.D. Students

  • Two international conference proceedings papers.
  • One domestic Journal Publication (Korea Citation Index - KCI).
  • One international Journal Publication (SCI, SCI-E, SCOPUS).
  • Graduation thesis and Coursework.

Tuition fee

  • Master in Design, Tuition Fee per Semester: $4,600, Admission Fee: $550
  • Ph.D in Design, Tuition Fee per Semester: $4950, Admission Fee: $550

In addition to BK21 scholarship, International students may receive scholarships based on merit and need. These range from full tuition with housing to partial tuition scholarship. Assessments are made on a case-by-case basis.

Scholarship amount for participating students.
Master program
1,000,000 KRW/month
ph.d. program
1,600,000 KRW/month
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