Service Design For Good

Service Design can and should be a force for the good of the individual, community, and ecology. To transform a bad current state into a good and desirable future, we at SD4G break disciplinary silos and look into four integrated areas.

SD4 Individuality

Personal Good is the personal future in which we will explore how the individual user interacts with and experiences technology.

UX Design

IoT Service Design Systems

SD4 Economy

Business Good is the economic future that deals with value creation, business model development, and entrepreneurship.

Social Entrepreneurship

Business Model Development

SD4 Community

Community Good is the social future, introducing social innovation projects, community-driven design & Co-creation, and regional revitalization.

Social Innovation

Regional Revitalization

SD4 Ecology

Ecology Good is the environmental future including large system-scale issues such as waste and overconsumption, pollution, and climate change.

Service Design Impact

Wicked Problem Framing

What we do


UX Research methods


Co-creation Workshop

Service Design Thinking

Generative Tools


Social Entrepreneurship

International Collaboration (i.e. DESIS Network)

Sustainable development goals (i.e. plastic waste)


Design Education

Job-skill alignment (i.e. job market preparation, career certificate)

Finding your personal motivation to study

Story-centered curriculum

The standard education in universities is a subject-centered curriculum. In a subject-centered curriculum, theoretical problems are broken down into various individual subjects, from top to bottom requiring you to learn from A-Z. This is less efficient, because you have to learn all there is to learn.

In contrast to a subject-centered curriculum, story-centered curricula purposefully combine subjects around a practical problem. This is more efficient, because you just learn what you need. At SD4G we want you to follow your personal motivation while learning just those things that matter to you.

Study with us

SD4G lab is always looking for promising Ph.D. and MS candidates to conduct research that aligns with our mission, "Service Design For Good." Applicants with excellent academic track records or equivalent professional research experience may be eligible for talent-based research scholarships, covering Tuition fees and research-related expenses.

Dongseo University is a private university in Busan, the second-largest city in South Korea. The university has one of the highest Ph.D. Design graduates output in Korea.
English & Korean
Mar & Sep
36 credits, 24+ months
Master's (MA.)
English & Korean
Mar & Sep
24 credits, 24 months
Undergraduate Research Assistant (RA)
Volunteer Internship
Jan & July
If you are interested in working as a Research Assistant, reach out to inquire about joining our research team.