The 2nd International Service Design Workshop at Guangdong University of Technology

Prof. Yong-Ki Lee conducted the 2nd 4-week Service Design International Workshop with students from Guangdong University of Technology.

This distinguished workshop centers on the exploration of ART—NFT (Non-Fungible Tokens) through the lens of service design, with a firm focus on deepening students' comprehension of real-world service design methodologies.

Throughout the course, students were introduced to practical approaches such as ideation, integration, and implementation, essential for crafting impactful service designs. The workshop strives to foster business innovation through effective team collaborations.

During the inaugural session, Prof. Yong-Ki Lee conducted a comprehensive review of the previous workshop, underlining the importance of practicality in service design while addressing the entire service process.

Students  leverage service design techniques to delve into the challenges and prospects within the domain of NFT art. Prof. Yong-Ki Lee expertly introduced the captivating intersection of art, technology, and finance that constitutes NFT art, paving the way for insightful discussions and innovative service design outcomes.

Workshop photo published by the school