Keynote Speech at the International Webinar “Innovation Skills in Time of Crisis.”

On Friday, 22nd October 2021 Prof. Yong-Ki Lee was invited to the International Webinar “Digital Creativity and Social Innovation in Time of Crisis” organized by Nationwide University Network in Indonesia (NUNI).

This event was attended by more than 700 students and faculty members and dealt with the timely theme of how we need to develop our creative capabilities facing a dark and uncertain future. Among the various sub-topics, he contributed to the area of Design Thinking. The title of his presentation was: “Innovation Skills in Time of Crisis — How Design Thinking can prepare Students for an Unknown Future” introducing Wicked Problem Solving, Future Paradigms of Design Education, and Transdisciplinary Design Thinking.

The six international speakers and their topics were:

1. Prof. Tejpavan Gandhok (OP Jindal Global University, India) — “Technopreneurship & Innovation eco-systems”

2. Mr. Daniel Fritz Silvallana (Davao del Norte State College, the Philippines) — “Building online relationships: How can organizations take advantage of the potential of social media during the pandemic?”

3. Dr. Haliyana Khalid (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia) — “Harnessing digital creativity in human-food interaction”

4. Amado L. Magsino, Ph.D., DBE (International Peace Leadership College, the Philippines) — “Gen Z: the social entrepreneurship generation”

5. Ranco Kraaijenbrink, M.B.A. (Universitas Kristen Satya Wacana, Indonesia) — “Why do we need agile ways of working for digital transformation?”

6. Prof. Yong-Ki Lee (Dongseo University, Korea) — “Innovation skills in a time of crisis? How design thinking can prepare students for an unknown future”