Panel discussion on the topic of Social Innovation & Sustainable Development in South Korea

Prof. Yong-Ki Lee recently spoke at The 6th Entrepreneur Talks & Networking event, focusing on "Social Innovation & Sustainable Development in South Korea." The event was held on 26th July, 2023 at Maru180, Gangnam, Seoul.

The panel, which also included distinguished speakers like Craig LaTouche, CEO of ARCLABS, and Joe Lim, CEO of South Ventures, explored South Korea's unique landscape, discussing the opportunities and challenges related to social innovation and sustainable development.

Prof. Yong-Ki Lee emphasized the vital role of service design in empowering communities, enhancing user experiences, and implementing sustainable solutions. By integrating human-centered design principles, service design emerges as a powerful tool for addressing social challenges and fostering lasting positive impact.

Moderated by Quinn Phan, founder of MONA and Vegan & Beyond, the event provided a platform for insightful conversations, driving ideas for a more socially responsible and sustainable South Korea.

The event's success reflects the growing interest in innovative and sustainable practices for positive societal impact. We remain committed to providing educational opportunities and fostering engagement in this critical field, with a strong emphasis on the transformative potential of service design in driving social innovation.

Event poster from the organizer

Prof. Yong-Ki Lee in the panel discussion