AI Art, Service Design in Operations Management, Application Service System
Michelle Joanna
Master Program
AI Art, Service Design in Operations Management, Application Service System

Joanna is a dedicated lifelong learner currently pursuing a Master's in Service Design at Dongseo University, with a primary research focus on AI, digital marketing, and design in children's education. With a background in Digital Content, Joanna embarked on a unique journey that led her to a career as a researcher and global manager, specializing in management and sales. Her entrepreneurial spirit ignited early on, as she successfully established and managed an online shopping venture from junior high school to her second year of university. Her professional experience as a global marketing director and project manager at an AI IT consulting and custom service company has honed her skills in providing comprehensive service technology planning for client success. Joanna brings a distinctive blend of insight, strategy, and creativity to every project. She is also deeply committed to promoting children education, mental health awareness, with a particular focus on its expansion in South East Asia.


  • 2019-2022
    Bachelor of Engineering, Digital Content
    Animation, Interactive Technoogy, Video Graphics and Special Effect
  • 2017-2019
    Bachelor of Design, Graphic Design
    Game and Animation Design


  • Mar 2022 ~ Nov 2022
    Overseas Director, Metaverse Researcher and Developer
    Taesun, +1cm Spatial Information AI, Real 3D, Platform Service Company
  • Mar 2022 ~ Nov 2022
    Secretariat and Researcher
    Korea Spatial & Artificial Intelligence Information Service Association
  • Aug 2021 ~ Nov 2021
    Sales and Marketing
    Dumplus Mobile and Telecommunication
  • 2012 ~ 2022
    Online Business Owner, Management